I read a forum post last week from a weight loss forum I attend and saw this comment, among others, that got me thinking. The poster said: “I have been doing ab exercises for over 12 months now and still cannot see my six pack”. After thinking about it I understood that many of us chasing the dream of the perfect six pack abs will continue on blindly doing what we are doing even if the results don’t come.

There are enough resources around now telling us that if we do a boatload of ab exercises eventually we will have a six pack. This is not correct and I will tell you why below.

Fact: You cannot do an exercise for a particular section of body and expect to lose fat from that area. Just because you do a gazillion crunches does not guarantee you will lose weight round the tummy. The body does not work that way and you will have to have a paradigm shift if your thinking is like this.

Don’t get dejected from reading this. That myth has been forced down your throat by people saying things like: Zap Belly Fat or Blast That Belly Fat in A Week. It aint gunna happen folks. It is this thinking that has kept us in the same shape since Adam was a boy.

The absolute, most important element to getting the perfect six pack abs is losing body fat. This is a must. Diet is the secret. Once you have this down then you can incorporate your weight training and cardio to suit.