To get six pack abs, you have to follow a simple six pack abs guide. This short guide will outline two of the most important elements for getting a lean stomach. Getting a flat stomach and six pack abs is not as hard as many people make it out to be. You have to acquire the correct information and then apply that knowledge to proper training and eating. So the two most important pieces of the six pack puzzle is proper training and proper eating.

Proper training involves using a whole bunch of abdominal movements and exercises to directly stimulate those ab muscles for work. Most people you see at the gym working their abs are just doing situps and crunches. They’re doing numerous and endless numbers of sets and repetitions. There’s more to ab training than just those two exercises. You can do many different momvements. Look up the abdominal exercise databases online by doing a search or check out’s exercise directory for more options of exercises you can do. Next, use a wide variety of volume and rep ranges. Do 5 reps with weight and additional resistance. Do 12 reps. Do 15 reps. Do 100 reps on lighter movements like crunches and chinnies. In fact, try doing as low as 3 reps for more advanced movements like the bench flag. Train the abdominal muscles for strength, strength endurance, form, and function. Make them strong. Train for performance.

Proper eating is correct eating through a slight reduction in calories. This slight reduction or lowering of calories should be around 400 to 500 calories below maintenance intake or what you currently eat. This calorie deficit diet will create a negative energy state by the end of the day to help you lose fat all over. Once you start losing fat all through the body, you’ll shed fat off the stomach as well.

Follow these basic tips and you’ll get those six pack abs. Train with a basic abdominal workout targeting the abs with a great number of exercises and volume ranges. Then eat correctly by eating less. You’ll get those abs if you stay consistent and make the routine a habit day in and out.