All kitchens should ideally be constructed with windows on either side of the room and the sun should have free access through them, the windows need to open at the top, to necessitate a clean flow of fresh air, it is very important to have light and fresh air flowing through the kitchen. Good drainage should also be given. The ventilation of the kitchen should be plentiful to thoroughly remove all gases and odors, which, together with steam or other hot cooking process, usually invade and make it unpleasant in adjacent rooms within the household.

Give consideration for making enough space to accommodate tables, chairs, range, dishwasher, and cabinets, but without wasting space and resulting in a design that does not accommodate a working methodology for the preparation of food.

It is desirable from a medical point of view, for the kitchen floor to be constructed from materials aiding the prevention and retention of moisture, for example a concrete floor is preferable to a wooden one.

The Kitchen Furniture

The kitchen furniture should be practical first and foremost to adequately work within the available space.It should be positioned so as to allow that it is easy to clean, and where possible movable, storage drawers on wheels, are ideal as they allow easy movement for cleaning purposes.

Cabinets used to store food must be well ventilated and the opposite case, they provide the conditions of choice for the development of mold and bacteria. Movable tables can ventilate through the top vents, and doors covered with very fine coated wire gauze which recognizes the air but keep out flies and dust.

The traditional use of the kitchen, side tables the right height Smooth rollers, and a zinc top, the most convenient and easiest to keep clean. Suffice it also to those without accounts, which are too apt to become a heterogeneous mass trash receptacles. If it is desirable to place some useful articles are required to maintain the application, similar to the arrangement represented in the accompanying cut may be very little cost. It could also be an advantage to arrange small shelves above the range, which can keep the various items needed for cooking.