Sometimes replacing a boiler can be unexpected incurred cost. Replacing a boiler is not something that you need to do more often. When you take good care of your boiler, you will not need to replace it each year. A good maintained boiler can be able to last for up to ten good years. Although boilers can last for over 10 years, not all of them can reach that far. Some signs and signals will alert you to replace your combi boiler. Below are some of the signs

When your boiler’s lifespan has depleted

If your boiler has already served you for more than ten years, you should start thinking of replacing it. When the life span of a boiler is reached, it might start troubling you. To avoid spending too much money on repairs, it is better if you save the cash for the sake of replacing the combiboiler. As much as it might last more than the stipulated lifespan years, it might start breaking down frequently. 

No hot water

The reason why you installed a boiler in the first place is due to the need for hot water. If it reaches a point where there is no hot water in the shower or bathroom, you should try to think of replacing your boiler. Maybe your boiler has broken down or maybe it is not functioning anymore. To avoid spending too much money on the repairs, it is best if you consider replacing the central heating.

When the boiler keeps on shutting off

If your boiler is shutting itself off from time to time, it might be an indicator that you need to do something. When a boiler shuts itself off, it might be that the thermostat is faulty, the pump has issues or the water pressure is low. When that happens, it might be time to start thinking of buying a new gas boiler.

When you realize that there is too much noise coming from the boiler

Normally, the boilers are not supposed to be noisy when they are in good condition. If you realize that funny noises are coming from the system, it might be an indicator that something is not right. Sometimes it can be simple installation issues while other times it might be serious boiler issues. When that happens, you should call an expert and let them know what the real issue is. Experts will help you decide whether you will need to replace your boiler or not.

When you realize a leak coming out of the boiler

If water is leaking into your boiler or out of your boiler, that might be a sign of trouble. It might be corrosive damage. If you realize it, you should call an expert to investigate what the problem is. It might also be a sign that you need to replace your boiler.