Candles are the product that not only lighten up your home physically but also have a tendency to remove darkness from the soul.  The positive atmosphere created by the light of the flickering candles are enough capable in lifting the sprit. Candle with a wick embedded in wax serves numerous purposes besides lighting your home like home décor, mood setting and many more. In addition the use of candles is also been in the practice since a long time for several rituals. There are several colors of candles in the market and each one have its own importance to know it go through the article carefully. 

Different types of candles

Red color candle 

Red color is generally dedicated to love, vigor vitality and physical desire and is usually burn to strengthen relationship with the partner. If you are facing any problem in your relationship or experiencing that it is not like that it was before. In that condition it is recommended to burn the candle in the side of your bed on every Tuesday and say your intimacy desire in front of the candle. It will definitely help in fulfilling your desire no matter from how long you are facing problems in your relationship.     

Yellow candle 

Spirituality and physical health goes simultaneously, means spirituality plays an important role in your physical health. If you are facing any health related problem then light up five yellow candle everyday on your kitchen table to improve your health. You must be thinking why yellow candle, it is because yellow candle is dedicated to propriety and calmness. The light of the yellow candle helps in keeping your mind calm and allow positive energy to enter your home. Moreover, if you are facing any financial problem the yellow candles from wisdomproducts can also help in overcoming such problems.