You love the look of a beautiful residential landscape. Unfortunately, your time and talent for making that landscape happen is somewhat limited. Fortunately, there are professionals who can manage the lawn care and landscaping North Little Rock Arkansas on your behalf. How will they ensure the grounds remain in great shape? Here are some examples of the services you can expect to receive.

Mowing the Lawn

One of the most basic services that landscape professionals offer is keeping the lawn properly trimmed. Depending on the type of grass, you have and how quickly it’s growing, a team will be around weekly or every other week to mow the lawn. This one task goes a long way to keep the curb appeal of your property high.

Trimming the Hedges and Shrubs

Along with mowing the lawn, most professionals offer to trim and shape hedges so they always have a manicured look. If your landscape includes shrubs that need to be trimmed or shaped during certain seasons, the same team can take care of that chore as well. When combined with a beautiful lawn, the precision that goes into caring for hedges and shrubs will make your property even more inviting.

Raking Leaves and Pine Straw

During certain seasons, there could be an abundance of leaves or pine straw on the property. You can bet that the team from a local lawn care service can clear away both with relative ease. Along with helping the property to look tidy, removing whatever is covering the lawn reduces the risk of damaging the grass. Keep in mind that you can always opt to keep some of the pine straw and use it to line your flower beds when cold weather rolls around.

Replacing Dead Plants

From time to time, one of the shrubs or perhaps a fruit tree that you planted in the back yard won’t make it. When this happens, the only alternative is to dig it up and have it hauled away. If you want something to take its place, that means preparing the soil and trying again.

The team that takes care of your lawn care and landscaping North Little Rock Arkansas has the tools to handle this type of chore. The shrub or small tree will be gone in no time. If there is something you want to use as a replacement, they can also make sure it’s planted and properly watered before calling the job done.

Designing and Implementing New Landscaping Layouts

You’d like to make some updates to the landscape. This may include some hard paving in the form of adding paved paths that lead from the patio to various spots in the back yard. Maybe you like the idea of adding a circular drive to the front yard. What you are not so sure about is what materials to use and exactly how to design the paths.

A landscaping professional can go over ideas with you and come up with a plan that fits right in with what you want to accomplish. Once the details are worked out, the professional will assemble a crew and make the updates.

There are other ways that a lawn care and landscaping service can help. Call today and arrange for a professional to visit the property. It won’t take long to come up with a viable plan for the lawn and get started. All you have to do is stand back and watch the team work the magic.