We can all agree that having a shade sailed is not a luxury but a necessity. The best way to enjoy the sun without being exposed to harmful UV rays is by installing it. Therefore, we can easily say that it is essential protection against the sun during the hot summer days.

It would help if you remembered that they allow us to enjoy outdoors without serious issues that may happen due to prolonged sun exposure. Remember that there are companies such as Shade sails repairs Gold Coast who do proper maintenance unless the damage is severe. 

At the same time, some places need to have them as the regulation and requirement, including kindergartens, schools, city councils, as well as corporations.

Therefore, you need to find the proper type of shade depending on your preferences and needs. The idea is to learn everything about them before you make up your mind.

Let us start from the beginning. 

Reasons to Use Shade Sails

The main idea is that you will get affordable alternatives to patio covers, gazebos, and expensive pergolas. At the same time, you will be able to enjoy the protection against UV rays that could lead to severe skin issues after prolonged sun exposure.

Finally, you should know that they are highly durable compared with other protections that you can find against the sun. Besides, you will be able to repair them with ease, depending on the severity of issues.


  • Custom-Fit – You should have in mind that shade sails are custom-fit based on your particular requirements. The facts state that you should measure your area as well as wind power so that you can create a proper structure that will stand the test of time. Generally, you should use commercial grade fabrics that come with extended warranty deals so that you can rest assured along the way.
  • Durable Fabrics – The idea is to use the best tension fabrics that you can find on the market, which is why you should consider searching for reputable brands and manufacturers. Besides, you should find the color that will meet your needs and preferences. 
  • Design – You can choose a wide array of design types depending on your taste and surroundings. You can find already-made kinds or choose the design from scratch so that you can customize the perspective that you will get. 


Should You Repair Or Replace Your Shade Sail?

If you wish to achieve the best shade possible for enjoying in outdoor areas, you should get proper shade sails. The main goal is to get protection against UV rays, which is something that we have mentioned above.

The current question that we are worried about is whether you can repair them or replace them depending on numerous factors. Generally, you should conduct regular maintenance so that you can retain the UVR block percentage and to improve their appearance along the way.

Another important consideration is that you should keep the tension in the shade by continually adjusting the turnbuckles as soon as you require it. 

Remember that damage tends to happen to it due to harsh weather conditions and elements. Other reasons include wear and tear, improper use and lousy maintenance, or complete lack of it. 

In case your shade sail is old and severely damaged, you will not be able to repair it, which means that you should replace it instead.

Everything depends on the fabric that you are using as well, which means that HDPE shade sail fabric comes with high natural expectancy as the ability to withstand harsh conditions. According to manufacturers, it can be used for up to fifty years, which is outstanding longevity.

Of course, you will be able to reach this particular durability only if you follow the maintenance rules, including the re-stitching of the blade and professional cleaning. 

You can find repair companies that will come to take it and return to you as new, which is an important consideration. The idea is to re-stitch the current one and wash it by using professional tools that will not affect UV efficiency. 

The process involves a thorough cleaning, which is something that they should do before re-stitching. In case the repair is necessary, that will also happen after cleaning the fabrics. 

Generally, shade sail threads tend to be more susceptible to UV damage than the fabrics, which is why you should maintain it correctly at least once a year after hot summer days. 

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Always choose a repair company that will provide you a warranty deal on repairs so that you can avoid additional expenses.

Remember, if shade sail underwent storm damage and it is sagging or coming apart, it means that you should re-stitch and wash it, and it will be as new. 

The part of your maintenance inspection includes checking out whether the stitching is proper or not, which is why you should do it by yourself before calling anyone.

The best course of action that you should follow is to repair it as soon as you notice the first signs of damage. Small damage can quickly become a significant one in case of harsh weather, which will lead to buying a new one and spending more money than you previously wanted.

As soon as you wash it and handle stitches, your shade will be as perfect as possible, and you do not have to spend a small fortune to get a new one. That will help you prevent UV issues and enjoy all the way.