Unwanted noises in your home from the outside environment and from your home itself can make your home a less comfortable place. Noises of outside traffic, household creaks, and mechanical sounds can make cause the homeowner to lose sleep while creating a more stressful and less secure feeling home environment. Your goal for your home should be to create a quiet, secure feeling in your home that is separate from outside noise and distractions.


The appliances in your home have a variety of moving parts, and all of them make noise. The goal with appliances is to find ways to make them make as little noise as possible.

Washing machines, dryers, and many other appliances make vibrations that create noise. If they are placed directly on your floor, these vibrations travel directly to the floor and the noise is amplified. Adding cork or rubber pads to the contact points between the appliances and the floor can do wonders to muffle this noise. Additionally, you can decrease the vibrations significantly by adjusting their leg levelers so that they’re evenly balanced. Additionally, moving refrigerators, washing machines and dryers farther away from walls will prevent the walls from picking up the sound and amplifying it.

Window-style air conditioners are loose-fitting, noisy, and are poor sound insulators. Removing them and installing a central air conditioning system provides your home with a more effective and energy-efficient air conditioning system that allows you to shut your windows and better seal your home against noise sdairporttransport.com. Another way to save money on air conditioning is to properly dehumidify the air in your home as humid air is more expensive to heat and cool than dry air.

There are wide ranges of noise levels being generated by bathroom fans, dishwashers and kitchen stove vents, learn more here. The next time you need to replace them, make sure that you check the noise rating levels (also known as sone levels) and select the ones with the lowest level. If you don’t see a rating, ask to listen to the one in the showroom.