LEDs are becoming common these days. LEDs are still a bit expensive than incandescent lamps and energy savers, but there are a number of benefits of using LEDs. Modern researches are made that show that LEDs are going to be much cheaper in the future. Even today it is not too expensive. An LED has a watt rating. It shows the power rating of the LEDs. LEDs are easily available these days. LEDs produce a much brighter light than the conventional lamps. These also save a lot of energy. The old lamps consume a lot of energy because most of the energy is actually going into waste. The energy converted into heat is lost. LEDs save this energy.

CFLs are not as pleasant as LEDs:

CFLs are fluorescent lights. These were in great use before LEDs. These are actually the lights that replaced incandescent lamps. Energy savers were made that used lesser energy. These produce bright white light. People were attracted because the white light is much beneficial for the eyes. It is also good for focusing on small things. Thus, its use started to progress. After sometime, LEDs were invented. LEDs use even lesser energy than CFLs for proper functioning. Thus, LEDs revolutionized the bulb industry. Today, even small LEDs produce more light than big incandescent lamps of the past. Led t8 bulb [หลอดไฟ led t8, which is the term in Thai] is in great use today.

Benefits of using t8 light bulbs:

  • T8 is actually an LED tube [หลอด แอ ล อี ดี, which is the term in Thai]. It saves a lot of money by saving the energy. It requires a small amount of energy for its proper working.
  • It is super-efficient. It has much greater efficiency than other LEDs.
  • It has a longer life. T8 LEDs are so powerful that these can work for even 50,000 hours where fluorescent lamps work for only around 15,000 hours. That is a huge difference and that is the reason why people are shifting towards smarter solutions such as LEDs