How to choose the right toilet seat

When renovating a bathroom, many people forget to replace their toilet seats. Replacing toilet seats can allow you to find a style, colour, and preference that works for you, including heated toilet seats! You must choose the right shaped seat for your comfort and style. With the guide below, choosing a toilet seat can be an easy process:

Measure your toilet bowl

Before shopping for a replacement toilet seat, determine the measurements of your toilet bowl. If you have a bit of technical knowledge, you can decide if your toilet seat is round or elongated. If you do not, all it takes is to observe the shape of the toilet bowl. You can also measure the bowl’s distance for accurate measurements. Determining the type of toilet seat will help you narrow down your options.


The most basic toilet seat material is plastic due to its affordability, durability, and variety of mould shapes. When undertaking a bathroom improvement, you have a variety of materials to choose from in different finishes and colours. This allows you to select a style that matches your new theme. A few good options include wood, ceramic, and fibreglass. Every toilet seat material has its pros and cons, so research is essential before making the final choice. For instance, plastic is cheap but cold in winter, ceramic is durable but heavy, and wood has an attractive finish.

Mount type

Mount type of a toilet seat is an aspect many people neglect. Toilet seats only have two types of mounts available: conventional mount and integral mount. The regular mount is the best alternative for replacement toilet seats as they are easy to install and remove. The integral mount will require drilling to fit and remove which can be hectic and expensive. Note that the type of toilet you have will determine the suitability of mount type. The type of hinges you have will also determine the ease of cleaning.

Additional features

With many options for toilet seats, making a choice can be challenging. Many people prefer a primary toilet seat. If you feel like splurging, you can choose a few luxurious options. A heated toilet seat is a good idea, especially if you live in an area with harsh winters. Aside from winters, it is suitable for nightly trips to the washroom if you prefer a zombie stumble to avoid waking up fully. A nightlight is a useful feature for people with children. Toilet seats can come with an inbuilt nightlight, or you can purchase it as a detachable feature. Additional features to consider when you have children include a soft release- to avoid slamming. It is wise to choose a toilet seat with all the best features, such as heating, light, and self-sterilisation.

Toilet seats may seem like decorative elements, but they play a useful role in your bathroom. For replacement toilet seats that are affordable, durable, and convenient, shop here.