So you are decorating a small room and want to make it look bigger! Here are a few home decorating ideas to help you with this decorating challenge.

First and foremost, banish the clutter! It makes the problems of a small space even more troublesome. By removing surplus furniture and little-used belongings, you can start your room makeover with a clean slate. According to Arts and Crafts designer, William Morris, “have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”

By keeping furniture items to a minimum you will create extra floor space and give the room a clean, uncluttered look. Diminish “solid shapes” by choosing furniture with legs that help create a sense of space–a home decorating idea to use over and over!

Another home decorating idea to add to your list is to declutter the eye-level zone you see when entering a room. Avoid putting wall-mounted cabinets or shelves on the wall that faces the entrance. This would also include using a group of small pictures on the entrance wall rather than spreading them around the walls.

The use of mirrors is a wonderful home decorating idea. Because of their reflective surface, mirrors “bounce” light around a room which creates openness. Other reflective surfaces which create the illusion of space are painted glossy finishes on a wall or marble floors in a bathroom or kitchen.

Painting your walls with pale shades of “receding” colors such as green, lilac, or blue instead of more bold colors like red or orange will give the feeling of spaciousness. Visit for more details. A home decorating idea to use in any size room is an accent wall in a contrasting color that will give the room a focal point.

A long, low bench or coffee table can be used along a wall to help lengthen the room. Choose bookcases that are more horizontal than vertical to give a sense of roominess.

Keep patterns at a minimum. Avoid wallpaper or upholstery material with large patterns. Use small designs and work with only one or two in the room–you don’t want “pattern overload.”

These home decorating ideas will get you started on your small room decorating project. Be creative and have fun making that “small space” into an enjoyable and stylish area.