Investment immigration has become a popular way for people to move to other countries while investing in their economy. Canada, as a country that welcomes immigrants, has various investment immigration programs that attract individuals who want to start a new life in a new country. As a result, Canada has become one of the most popular destinations for investment immigration. In this blog post, we will discuss the various pathways of canada visa investment and how you can qualify for each.

Federal Investor Program

The Federal Investor Program is designed for individuals with significant business experience and net worth. The program requires a minimum net worth of $10 million CAD and an investment of $2 million CAD in a passive government-guaranteed investment for five years. This program operates on a points-based system that considers factors such as age, language proficiency, and education. The Federal Investor Program is currently not accepting new applications; however, it may reopen in the future.

Quebec Immigrant Investor Program

The Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP) is a popular investment immigration program that provides permanent residency in Canada to individuals who have a net worth of $2 million CAD and have a minimum of two years of management experience. The program requires an investment of $1.2 million CAD for five years in a passive government-guaranteed investment. The QIIP has an annual cap of 1,900 applications, and it usually closes within hours of opening. However, the Quebec government announced that the program will close in March 2021 and will reopen with changes in 2023.

Quebec Entrepreneur Program

The Quebec Entrepreneur Program offers permanent residency to entrepreneurs who are willing to start or acquire a business in Quebec. The program requires a minimum net worth of $900,000 CAD, a minimum of two years of management experience, and investment of $200,000 CAD towards the business. Applicants must be able to create at least one job in Quebec within the first year of their arrival. The Quebec Entrepreneur Program typically receives a limited number of applications, making it easier to qualify for.

Start-Up Visa Program

The Start-Up Visa Program is aimed at entrepreneurs who have a business idea and have the support of a designated Canadian venture capital fund, angel investor group, or business incubator. The program requires a letter of support from one of the designated organizations, a minimum of one year of post-secondary education, and sufficient language skills. Successful applicants receive a temporary work permit and permanent residency upon meeting the conditions of their business idea.

Provincial Nominee Programs

Canada’s provinces offer their own immigration programs that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the province. Provincial Nominee Programs can help you obtain permanent residency by investing in a business or creating a job in a specific province. Some provinces require that you start a business in a specific industry, while others allow you to invest in a broader range of industries. The requirements and application process for Provincial Nominee Programs vary between the provinces.


As a country that values immigration, Canada has investment immigration programs that are designed to attract individuals with business experience and a desire to invest in the Canadian economy. The pathways of investment immigration in Canada vary and are tailored to meet the needs of each province. Understanding these pathways is essential when deciding which program to apply for. We hope that this blog post has provided you with useful information that will help you make the best decision for your investment immigration journey in Canada.