When you choose hardwood flooring at your home and work place it will automatically elevate the standards and also be popular in traditional or contemporary spaces. hickory, oak, ash or maple are the popular hardwood species; they all have distinct properties and visual differences. solid hardwood, engineered wood and wood-look laminate are some common options that suit your lifestyle and your budget.

Selecting your preferred color and grain is not easy When you choose the right material. That’s why these are the common wood flooring when you decide to install at your home.

Location: when you choose the hardwood flooring at your home it is very important that you determine what type of properties the material needs at your room.

Budget: Be clear on your budget when you install this because the cost and the price of materials varies substantially.

Maintenance: this material is very ease of cleanliness, durable and also repairable.

Durability: wood flooring is waterproof, stain resistance, strength and scratch and scuff resistance

Style: Each type of hardwood flooring and their species has different aesthetic appeal.

Lifestyle: Determine which type of material is best for your Activity level, children and pets

Here are some best Hardwood Flooring Options by Room:

You may only want to install new floors in one or two rooms, but you also want a uniform look throughout your home. So here are some best choices of hardwood flooring for your specific spaces.

  • Kitchen

Bamboo and engineered floors are good choices in your the kitchen because moisture and humidity are the biggest concerns. So select those materials which resist temperature and also bear the humidity.

  • Living Room

White oak, ash, and maple work well in your living room because living room is the space which tends the biggest space in the home so wider planks and a wood without too much changes in color or grain pattern are selected.

  • Hallway

Ash, hickory, oak and maple fit the hallways because hallways tend to be high-traffic areas that’s why these types are hard, resilient, and easy to maintain and very warm, inviting and affordable.

Types of hardwood flooring:

  1. Hickory
  2. This hardwood floor is harder than any other material. Janka hardness scale is the scale where you measure this floor that is 1,820.
  3. This is durable and long-lasting.
  4. These floors are not easily damaged, moisture free and bear high traffic.
  5. These are very Comparatively light wood that can be stained to any shade
  6. Can be waxed to enhance warm appearance and improve moisture resistance
  1. Ash
  2. These are very flexible and they tolerate temperature and humidity fluctuations
  3. These are Shock-absorbing and very comfortable to walk on.
  4. These are also  light wood that can be stained to any shade
  1. Oak
  2. These are taking on a unique patina, and Ages well.
  3. Their color varies from bleached white to dark red
  4. They are easy to fix when they are damage and repair with DIY kits
  1. Maple
  2. These are very popular choice for modern homes due to its light texture and open grain pattern
  3. These flooring are readily available