Plumbing is certainly one of the businesses without which life would surely become a lot harder. People spend a lot on their plumbing fixtures so that they won’t have to repair or maintain them for a long time. Plumbing experts are present all around the world and can guide you with their experience to ensure you don’t face many problems. If you need help with plumbing, Maplewood Plumber is there to help you with it.

These are some technological advancement in the field of plumbing.

  • Automatic plumbing fixtures

These are a new addition in the plumbing fixtures. These are sensor based fixtures that can automatically turn on and off according to the readings from the sensors, e.g. automatic flush, sensor based taps etc. These fixtures help in saving a lot of water and prevent the spread of germs.

  • Water heaters without a tank

These heaters are aimed at being eco-friendly as well as efficient. Unlike conventional water heaters that have to store water in a tank and then heat it, these water heaters heat the water as it is needed. This allows saving a lot of energy and prevents water wastage.

  • Power flushing

Power flushing is basically spraying pressurized stream of water to unclog drains, it makes unclogging of drains very easy and removes even tough accumulations by using a very low quantity of water.

  • Greywater systems

These fixtures allow you to reuse the water from showers, washing machines, dishwashers etc. by purifying it. Although it can be used to drink but it can be used for other purposes like cleaning and watering the plants.

There are several other advanced plumbing fixtures that you can get installed in order to ease the work. The best option that can add luxury to your bathroom is a self cleaning toilet.