An air bed is becoming famous lately for the comfort it offers to the users. An air bed is a sleeping pad or the inflatable mattress which provides the right comfort during the sleep. 

Sleep number reviews suggest that it is the best air bed in the market right now with premium features for the users. We are going to discuss a few important features of the sleep number air bed. 


The air chamber and the cover of all the mattresses are the same among all the sleep number beds. The thickness of the air bed is different when it comes to the different models of the air bed.

You can choose the thickness as per your needs and sleeping habits.

Soft air bed

Multiple series and models are available in the air bed with different softness. The thinnest comfort layer provides the best firmness. The thickest layer makes sure that the mattress is softest among all the others. 

The large variety allows you to choose the thickness as per your own choice and have the firm and softest bed.

Reasonable price

The prices of the air beds are economical and you can easily afford them. They are starting from$600 and then move upwards till $5000. The most basic type is from the classic series but it also has all the features in it to make sure that you enjoy a comfortable sleep.

If you want the bed from the sleep number with all the features, go for the innovation series which offers a lot more than the basic series of the air bed.

Available in all sizes

All the models and series of the air beds are available in all sizes which are twin, queen, and the king-size air bed. You can choose the models of the air bed as per your convenience. 

Air leaks

Most of the people complain about the air leaks of the air beds. It does happen if you don’t take good care of the air bed. Secondly, it does happen but not to all of the mattresses and it is your luck whether you mattress survives for a longer period or not. 

Air leakage is something which cannot be avoided when it comes to the air beds. Most of the Sleep number reviews which are bad always talk about the air leakage of the air beds. This can be prevented for sure by taking extra care of the air bed. 

Built-in pillows

These air beds sometimes have the built-in pillows as well with them which are designed to make sure that you get extra comfort while sleeping on these beds. The supportive surface and the extra comfort due to the built-in pillow is a great combination.

Overall the air bed is a good purchase for your home and the guests. It is good if you are keeping an air bed as the backup in your house which may be needed at any time. Make sure that you buy the air bed of the best company producing air beds.