Whether you’re looking for a completely new garden design or you want to add a few signature pieces to your outdoor space, now is the perfect time to enjoy the warm weather and make the necessary garden changes. The year has seen a host of new trends which can be implemented in just about any garden space. From wild meadows to swanky adult hideaways, here are 5 garden trends to try this year.

1. Adult hideaways
Grown-up garden structures like summer houses have become very popular in 2019, allowing gardeners to enjoy their outdoor space in any weather. Whether you want to construct your very own hideaway or opt for one of the many summer houses for sale, these hideaways can include as much or as little of the “inside world” as you’d like. Many opt for garden bars, but they make fantastic no-wire retreats to escape the real world.

2. Wildflower meadows
British naturalist and horticulture conservationist have been pushing for more wildflower meadows following their disappearance from the countryside over the last several decades. They have also become increasingly popular with gardeners looking to break the traditional rules in favour of a more relaxed style of planting. You can create a wildflower or perennial mini-meadow easily in your garden with wonderful effects. Not only do they look good seasonally, but they also work to attract and protect local wildlife.

3. Grow your own patches
Growing your own vegetables, fruit and herbs has become one of the most popular recent gardening trends that is set to become even more popular as we try to become more self-sufficient. If you have the space to spare, a small greenhouse is a great way to increase your yearly yield. But don’t fret if you’re limited on garden space; there are many ingenious ways to make use of small gardens, from patio fruit growing to balcony yields and vertical growing zones (with french beans and pumpkins). In particular, chilli peppers and giant tomatoes have become increasingly popular with grow your own gardeners. If you haven’t already set up a dedicated growing space, now’s the time.

4. Recycling plastic and eco-gardening
As we become more conscious of our impact on the environment, we are beginning to implement tools into our garden to make them eco-friendlier in the long-run. One of the best options here is plastic recycling (or the general reduction of new plastics in the garden). This involves using old plastic products as hanging planters or ditching standard plastic planters for biodegradable plant pots. Other top tips include composting and promoting bee life, feeding birds and providing water with natural ponds. RSPB have a wide variety of tips to help your eco-credentials, from reclaimed timber patios to installing water butts.

5. Colourful flowers
Bright and bold coloured flowers are in right now, with many gardeners opting for oranges and yellows. If you’re looking to add some style to your outdoor space, vibrant and colourful flowers are an ideal way to draw the eye and add some fun character. Flowers that have previously been considered kitsch may indeed be making a return. Just remember to opt for simplicity instead of over-busy colour schemes. This will help your flowers sing and your garden space shine. In particular, hydrangeas have become the must-have plants for 2019, owing to their long-lasting bright and pastel colours, as well as their ease of growth and maintenance for young gardeners.