In a competitive market, it pays to only deal with the best. That’s certainly true when the plans for your place of business include updating the exterior with a fresh coat of paint. As you compare the merits of different commercial exterior painting services in your area, keep these four qualities in mind. You can bet that the right service will possess all of them.

Experience With Similar Projects

Always find out if the service has experience with projects that are a lot like yours. There are subtle differences between painting the exterior of a shopping center versus a manufacturing plant. Those differences go beyond the materials used for the facade. When and as possible, you want to work with a professional who understands the nuances associated with the type of exterior you want to have painted. This one quality will go a long way toward making the project move along smoothly.

A Stellar Reputation

Confirming the reputation of any exterior painting service is easy these days. Online reviews and ratings will tell you a great deal about what past customers think of everything from the quality of the work to the timeliness of completing the project to how well the contractor communicates with clients. Definitely spend time looking for and reading those online reviews.

Don’t stop there. You also want to work with a professional who is happy to provide offline references. Contact each of those references and talk with them on a one-on-one basis. The information that you collect will help you get a better idea of how the company does in terms of meeting a customer’s expectations. That’s because some consumers will share details over the phone that they would never post on a website.

The Right Equipment

This tends to go hand-in-hand with making sure all of the commercial exterior painting services under consideration have experience with your particular building type. Ideally, they have all the equipment needed to manage the project efficiently. If they don’t own everything needed, they at least have a vendor partner who can supply anything they may need on a one-time basis. This is important to know in advance, since some of the cost of renting equipment could be passed on to you.

Professionalism From the Start

Before you make a decision, it makes sense to talk with representatives from your top two or three choices. Pay close attention to how you’re treated every step of the way. That begins with the first phone call you make or the first email inquiry that you send. It moves on to the contractor who arrives to look at the building and discuss what you have in mind.

In many instances, these two encounters will tell you if this is a company that you want to take on the project. A professional response to your initial inquiry coupled with a contractor who’s genuinely interested in making sure every question you ask is answered and that you’re happy with what’s included in the quote tells you a lot. If you feel uneasy or as if your business is not appreciated, take that as a sign you need to talk with the next external painting service on the list.

Remember that the goal is to work with someone who can handle the job and produce excellent results. Take your time, compare your options, and ask any questions that come to mind. Doing so will mean fewer complications during the project and increase the odds that you’ll love the result.