Mulberries are an excellent choice of fruit trees if you are looking to add a bit of glamour to your garden or back yard. These large ornamental trees are not only perfect for the beauty and fragrance they lend to whatever location they find themselves but are also a delight to consume whether processed/transformed or not. This article ,  on helping those who are looking to buy mulberry tree online but have little to no experience on how to go about it or what to do with the tree once they’ve got it.

Knowing Your Mulberries

If you are familiar with mulberry fruits, then you would understand why they are said to be related to figs. They are of several species and the popularity of these species are primarily area dependent because of the special conditions they require to flourish. For some areas, the most notable is the Morus nigra (black mulberry); for others, it is the Morus alba (white mulberry). The latter which although produces edible fruits is primarily grown for its ornamental value.

There is also the Morus rubra (red mulberry) which often hybridizes with the white mulberry to produce larger fruits than the black mulberry species, and usually produces fruits at an early age.

Planting and Growing a Mulberry Tree

The first advice is that if you buy mulberry tree online, you should endeavor to plant it as soon as it arrives. If you can’t, then you should place it in a shaded ventilated area without removing the root wrap. You should also take care to ensure that you do not damage the bark of the tree as that might leave it more vulnerable to insects and fungal diseases.

Planting a mulberry tree is best done on gardens that are large as these trees can grow to a height of about 7m-10m, not to talk of its spread. This is becoming less of a problem however as there are more dwarfing varieties being introduced from time to time.

If you are looking to plant more than one mulberry tree in the same garden, then it would be ideal to leave a gap of at least 30ft between each tree.

Another tip if you buy mulberry tree online is that there is little to no need of pruning. In fact, it should be best avoided.

It is indeed a good idea to buy mulberry tree online as these trees are easy to grow because they are usually unaffected by diseases and are self-fertile. All you need is the space for it.

Harvesting and Consumption

Mulberry fruits usually become ripe during late August, and they can be found on the parts of the tree that are usually far from the ground. And when it comes to harvest, you can shake the branches and pick the fallen fruits off the ground.

The picked fruits can be eaten as is, or can be used in cooking. They are not durable at all and as such should be consumed as soon as possible or be preserved via freezing. This characteristic also makes theses fruits not to be available on the market. So if you have a craving for mulberry fruits, then buy mulberry tree online and grow your own.